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Auto Loans for Extremely Bad Credit

In case you were wondering if there was hope to find auto loans for extremely bad credit, the answer is yes there is hope. No one wants to help you when you are in a jam, but when you are rising high everyone wants to be your friend. This is life – that’s how it is. Not nice, but true. More often than not, problems come up suddenly and we may be struggling through no fault of ours.

One emergency and we could be hurtling downwards without brakes, or so it could seem at times. And that much-prized credit history you worked so hard to build, well, that could take a nosedive without a moment’s notice . In today’s world driving a car is a given, in fact it is a necessity.

If you have extremely bad credit fear not, as auto loans for extremely bad credit are available at We call it your second chance, a chance that will allow you to buy the car that you really need.

At we have done all the homework for you. In just a few clicks we will match you with a lender who can provide auto loans for extremely bad credit

Step 1: Provide some basic information about your loan needs

Step 2: will use its state-of-the-art technology to match you with a lender who specializes in providing auto loans for extremely bad credit.

Step 3: Top lenders will be made available to you. You pick the one you want to work with. Yes, at you pick and choose and not the other way round!   Best of all — is your ally and the service is absolutely FREE!

Bad credit rating demystified

Lenders classify you on the basis of your credit score as prime, sub prime, or lower. Here is the actual break up: 720 and above is Prime Credit, 600 to 639 is Sub-Prime Credit, and 480 to 524 is Very Bad Credit .

Is there hope?

Absolutely, positively, yes! There are finance companies that specialize in dealing with people with extremely bad credit and in providing auto loans for extremely bad credit.

What are the criteria?

Companies generally look at a couple of things before dishing out the auto loan to you. Don’t worry the standards are not very stringent. Generally they want to see if you are capable of paying back auto loans for extremely bad credit. Hence what is generally looked for is your past and present employment history, your age, your income, and your credit history as a whole, and not just the current history. They also look at the money you can put as down payment.

Tips for getting the best deal possible

Check your report first Get a free copy of your credit report and scan it carefully. See that you get copies of reports from all three exchanges – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Correct any errors or omissions that may be there.

Know your report Know the innards of your report. Be comfortable answering any questions that may arise from any area of your report. Be ready to explain any extenuating circumstances that may be reason for lowering your credit score. Auto loans for extremely bad credit lenders look at your history as a whole and hence they will be willing to listen to your side of the story.

Keep your options open: comparison shopping is your friend. Do not rush in with the first deal you are offered. Take time to scan the various offers that are available, and then, after comparing interest rates and loan terms and conditions, decide which company you want to take the auto loans for extremely bad credit.

Check with BBB Take some time to check the credentials of your lender. Check with Better Business Bureau to find out if it is a company of repute. Then you can be assured of getting the best of the auto loans for extremely bad credit and not be led down the garden path.

Choose wisely Choose a car according to your budget as then your down payment requirement and the installments will be less. This will help you drive better bargains and get the best deal possible.

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